If you crave a community/village in your life, this is the spot. This group is a gentle hug every week for mums navigating life with their new baby, and for those of us who already have a bit of a kiddy-crew. These spaces are for all mums; whether you have attended one of my Hypnobirthing courses or not, all are welcome. We are an inclusive community and focus on gentle / aware / instinctive / respectful / attachment parenting. We don’t follow any one ‘methodology’, only that babies and children must be treated with respect and gentle care; the rest is up to you to find what works best for you and your child(ren). 


Each week there will be a main topic of focus (think pelvic floor health, self care, mental & emotional wellbeing, baby sleep behaviours, soothing techniques, babywearing etc), but the meetups are very fluid and I find that mums often steer the course of the gathering and that is really encouraged. This is not a purely social group — the aim is to replace the mainstream community centre groups so mums are encouraged to share and be an active participant (once you feel comfortable to of course!)


Please know that these groups are open to all children in your family — as an unschooling mum myself, my kids are always by my side during the week, and they will be present during our gatherings. If you have other children please don’t worry about trying to arrange care, they are welcome at our gatherings. Also my kiddos come with screens so please don’t feel worried about bringing along a device for your child (if they require sound then please bring some headphones). We are a community, and communities include and accomodate everyone — children will be encouraged to not be disruptful, but they will not be encouraged or expected to be silent :)


Monthly memberships are $40 and include the weekly gathering as well as email support with me and access to our private Facebook group.


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