This course helps you learn about your body and mind during pregnancy and labour in a natural and holistic way, and how to control your thoughts so that you can have the birth experience that you desire. Womens bodies are perfectly designed to grow and deliver babies, and when we sink into that and work with nature, we can have a truly positive and empowering birth experience. 


As with anything in life, if you are afraid and anxious, you are setting yourself up for a difficult journey; with Hypnobirthing Australia you will learn how to harness the power of your mind to control the experience you have — the outcome cannot always be controlled, but we have complete control over how we experience whatever is presented to us, and I will help you learn how to develop those strengths within yourself.


We will practice relaxation techniques that will be useful for you throughout your life, and specifically during labour. With regular practice you will be able to slip in and out of a deep state of relaxation (self-hypnosis) which is incredibly important in the context of birth when unknown variables may arise. Your birth partner will be equipped with knowledge and techniques to both help guide you during the birth process, and also to ease any worries they may have during this time both on a personal level, and with how to properly assist you.


We will discuss the different options for birth so that you can make informed decisions while putting together your birth preferences (birth plan), and the importance of having an open dialogue with your caregivers about these preferences. 


Each of us has been conditioned to have certain reservations or negative thoughts surrounding birth (thank you dramatic TV/movies!) (and the odd ‘well-intentioned’ friend!), so we will talk through these concerns and help you develop a new frame of reference for what birth actually is and what it looks like (with the help of some real life birth videos). We will do a fear release exercise to really let go of any of those thoughts that aren’t serving you and that you do not want to carry with you through the remainder of your pregnancy and birth.


My classes are relaxed, down-to-earth, and really focus on your bodies innate capability to birth your baby. I believe birth is all about the mind. Of course there is a physical aspect to it but our bodies are so amazingly equipped to assist us in that process — it’s our thoughts and the stories we have in our head that can get in the way! So let's work together to get your mind in the best possible headspace for the empowering and positive birth that you deserve. I so strongly believe that women are capable, powerful forces and when we are properly supported we can truly move mountains — or in this case we can move mini humans out of our bodies!

What is the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program?

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